KY PGR Bylaws

Of the Patriot Guard Riders of Kentucky
Board of Directors


The name of this Board is the Patriot Guard Riders of
Kentucky Board of Directors, hereafter referred to as the BOD.


The objectives of the BOD shall be to manage monies
brought into the Treasury and ensure statutory requirements for maintaining a
tax-free status are met. Operational
decisions with regard to day to day missions are retained by the State Ride
Captain or Assistant State Ride Captain.


The BOD mission is to support the Patriot Guard Riders of
Kentucky who, in turn, support the mission of the Patriot Guard Riders as
addressed on the National PGR website at:

BOD Members

Section 1: Composition:
The BOD shall be composed of no more than six active PGR of KY
members. Kentucky Members active on the
National PGR rolls meet these criteria.   

Section 2: Dues The BOD will make no policy or directive
requiring membership dues, fees or other monetary contributions to become or
remain a member of the BOD. The BOD is
and shall remain a voluntary body.

Section 3: Resignation:
If a member wishes to withdraw from the BOD, he or she must submit a
letter or send an email to the secretary.
Properly submitted resignations will be accepted without action on the
part of the BOD.


Section 1: Officers: The officers shall be the President,
Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer

Section 2: Terms of Office: The term of Office for the BOD Officers shall
be one year with no term limits imposed. BOD members may be reappointed each
year by the State Ride Captain. Candidates for each position shall make known
their willingness to serve on the BOD to the State Ride Captain. The State Ride Captain will determine whether
to establish a requirement to have candidates provide a biographical sketch of

Section 3: Removal of Members of the Board of
Directors: Any one or more than one, of
the Board of Directors may be removed for cause or without cause by a majority
of the BOD and a successor may then and there be elected to fill the vacancy
thus created. Any member(s) whose removal has been proposed by the BOD shall be
given a ten-day notice of the calling of the meeting and the purpose thereof
and he/she shall be given an opportunity to be heard at the meeting.


Section 1: President: It shall be the duty of the
President to conduct the meeting of the BOD as well as conduct business
activities and the long range planning of the BOD.

Section 2: Vice President: The Vice President shall take
the place of the President and perform those duties whenever the President
shall be absent or unable to act. If the President and Vice President are
unable to act, the Board of Directors shall appoint some other officer to act
on an interim basis.

Section 3: Secretary: The Secretary shall provide notice
of meetings and keep the minutes of the meetings. The Secretary will also publish the minutes
of the meeting and complete correspondence necessary for the BOD.

Section 4: Treasurer: The Treasurer shall have the
responsibility for overseeing the Treasury.
An account shall be established in the BODs name requiring two
signatures from members of the Board of Directors for any transactions in the
amount of $500.00 or more. Only one signature is required for amounts under
$500.00. An annual financial statement will be prepared by a third party
accounting firm, or an Audit Committee comprised of three Association
volunteers who are not on the Board of Directors, with the ending period
December 31 each calendar year. A copy of these statements will be made
available to any member of the PGR of KY upon receipt of a written request
submitted to the Treasurer.


Section 1: Meetings: The Board of Directors’ meetings
shall be held semi-annually during the calendar year. A minimum of one BOD Meeting shall be held
where all BOD members are physically present.  

Section 2: Place of Meetings: Meetings shall be held at a
place specified by the President or Vice President of BOD.

Section 3: Special Meetings: The President, VP,
Secretary, or Treasurer of the BOD may call a special meeting.

Section 4: Meetings held via Electronic Media: Meetings may be held through the means of
electronic media such as Skype, Webinar etc. at no cost to the BOD or the

Section 5: Notice of Meetings: It shall be the duty of
the Secretary to mail/e-mail a notice to each BOD member of meetings or special
meetings of the BOD.

Section 6: Adjournment of Meetings: If any meetings of
the BOD cannot be held because a quorum is not present or by proxy, the meeting
may be adjourned to an alternate date and time!

Section 7: Order of Business: The order of business of all meetings of the
BOD will be as the President directs and may follow the order listed:

Call to Order
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Treasurer’s Report
Reports of Standing Committees
Reports of Special “ad hoc” Committees
Special Orders
(as dictated by the Bylaws. Example: Elections)
Old Business
New Business

Section 8: Voting:
The President of the BOD is a non-voting member, however the President
may make motions or amendments and call for a vote. The remaining officers and members are
empowered to make motions, amendments and vote on motions. Visitors and guests attending BOD meetings
shall not have the power of the vote nor can they make motions.

Section 9: Proxies: Proxy votes may be cast by a member
of the BOD. Proxies shall be dated, duly
executed in writing or e-mail. Proxies
shall be valid only for the particular meeting designated therein and must be
filed with the Secretary before the appointed time of the meeting.


Section 1: Overview:
PGR of KY and its BOD are not charitable organizations; they are a
loosely knit group of volunteers dedicated to honoring those listed in Article
1. Funds needed for its operation are
minimal and shall be kept to a minimum in the Treasury. All funds donated to the BOD will be used
primarily to fund consumables in support of the PGR of KY missions. Consumables include, among other things, US
Flags, flag poles, stakes and flag covers. 

Section 2: Access to Funds: It is not feasible for the Treasurer to be
present at all PGR events. Therefore,
the State Ride Captain and Assistant State Ride Captain shall be provided the
means to access funds to support the PGR Mission. Expenditures over $300.00 require the
notification of the Treasurer to ensure fund availability. Expenditures exceeding $500.00 requires the
majority consent of the BOD.

Section 3: Limitations on Fund Raising: The BOD shall not
exist for the primary purpose of raising large amounts of money or of acting as
a clearing house for large contributions.
Further, since the needs of the organization are small, the BOD shall
limit its fund raising activities to a minimum. 

Section 4: Charitable Contributions to Organizations
External to PGR: Charitable
Contributions to organizations external to those identified in the PGR mission
statement are prohibited.

Section 5: Dissolution: In the event the BOD is
disbanded, the assets will be used to further the objectives as outlined in
Article III.

Section 6: Financial Liabilities: The BOD shall not incur
any indebtedness.


Section 1:
Amendments: The articles and subsequent amendments of the constitution
of this organization may be amended by majority vote of the Board of
Directors. The membership at large may
submit and recommend amendments to the Board of Directors in writing at any


Previous notice and a simple majority vote by the BOD can
dissolve the BOD. All outstanding
business will be completed and forwarded to the State Ride Captain. Money remaining in the treasury will be
equally apportioned to all Senior Ride Captains through the State Ride Captain
to be used to support the PGR of KY mission.

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