KY PGR Gear Store

PGR Members,

For the past several years, our PGR Gear Store has been hosted using Amazon’s Webstore service. In March of last year, Amazon announced they would be shutting that service down effective July 1, 2016. Obviously, we had to move to a new platform. That new platform went “live” on March 15th. The three most important things we want members to know are:

1) The store isn’t gone, and isn’t going away. We just had to move it.

2) We believe that the new platform is a big improvement, and that members will like the change.

3) The most important one – there are changes in how you access the store – and none of the old links will work. We’ll hit that last one first. One of the biggest complaints we had from members about the old store was the “dual login”. That’s changed. We now have one login, and you access the store by clicking PGR Store in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Please see this if you are having any problems accessing the store.
You can read about additional changes here:

Please watch the new store announcements this week for several promotions and new products.

Herb ‘Nightrider’ Parsons
Patriot Guard Riders
National Director of Operations


PS.  I can put 2 patches in one BUSINESS SIZE,  SELF ADDRESSED, STAMPED ENVELOPE!!! If ordering License Plates please add $3.00 for shipping. For coin shipping please contact me depends on how many you want.

Please make check or money order payable to PGR of KY


KY PGR Patch

PGR Lady Rider Patch


KY PGR Coins (1.5″ diam)

Gathering of the Guard

Kentucky Lapel Pin

KY PGR Plate